Mission & Vision Statement

Redefining Health & Luxury | Massage Chair Recliners

Our Vision:

To be the value leader in massage chair recliners providing our customers strikingly designs, with advanced features, superior performance at affordable price points giving our customers the most value for their money.

Our Mission:

Omega Massage is dedicated to being the value leader in the massage chair industry. We provide massage chairs that are packed with value added features, are striking in appearance and are at reasonable price points. We want you to get the most value for your money! We realize you have many choices for your massage chair needs. Our mission is to continuously provide you the value added features that you desire most. We do this by obtaining continuous customer feedback. We then develop simple, cost-effective technologies to put those features into our massage chairs. We ensure our products are made to conform to international quality standards like ISO 9002. We continuously test our product to ensure you get years of trouble-free, reliable performance.

Massage Chair Design:

Our customers continue to tell us that they want massage chairs they can put in any room. Omega Massage is dedicated to designing and crafting massage chairs that are striking in appearance and aesthetically appealing. We want you to be able to place your massage chair in any room. We try to add designer touches such as wood grains, side tables, etc. We work hard to bring you a great looking massage chair.

Massage Chair Features & Technology:

Omega Massage constantly solicits feedback from its customers to determine the most important features and functions they want in a massage chair. Omega Massage only incorporates features valued by our customers into our massage chairs. We have introduced many exciting features valued by our customers such as Air Massage Technology, heating pads, music players, etc.

Massage Chair Quality & Reliability:

Omega Massage designs and manufacturers massage chairs that are modular in design. Quality starts in the design phase. We source the best suppliers and test all subcomponents before going into any of our massage chairs. Our factories meet international quality standards like ISO 9002. ISO 9002 is the most recognized international body governing the quality control standards of manufacturers worldwide. We incorporate strict procedures into the assembly of each massage chair. We test sub-component assemblies and the final assembly. All massage chairs go through a rigorous final quality test prior to packaging and shipment.

Massage Chair Warranty:

Omega Massage, Inc has one of the longest and most comprehensive warranties for their massage chairs in the industry. One important advantage with Omega Massage over other massage chairs warranty coverage is our in-home service. Omega Massage supports in-home service for its warranty work; where most massage chair companies do not. That means in the rare circumstance that you do need service, we send a service technician out to your home. Unfortunately, most massage chair manufacturers require you to package and ship your massage chair to them for service. This approach is time consuming and expensive for you! Rather than making you do the work, we will dispatch a qualified technician to perform any warranty services to your home.

Omega Massage starts its Research and Development program with feedback from our customers. Customers have continuously told us they want high performance with an appealing design, with value added features at a reasonable price. Sounds simple enough! These are the cornerstones of Omega Massage. When we boil this down, our customers want to get great value for their money.

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