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M-5000 DLX Massage Chair

When it comes to quality, The Omega Line is the gold standard. We use genuine Japanese components for the roller units, motors, and PCU board. No other chair uses the technology and assembly of our massage chairs with cost effective measure, while utilizing high quality Japanese components on the important aspects of a massage chair. Most massage chairs are made with Chinese or Taiwanese components. The ratio of breakdown using cheaper components is the primary reason that massage chairs need constant repair work or maintenance.

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M-5000 DLX MP3 Music Player Massage Chair

High quality ox hide allows for the perfect permeability of the rollers, yet is strong and durable enough to withstand the constant movements of the massage rollers. In addition, an ergonomically designed dual headrest pillow accommodates for people with different body types, which enhances the comfort level and effectiveness of the M-5000DLX.

Available Colors:        Ivory    Brown    Black

Chair-Back Features: The massage chair will automatically search and memorize the user’s body type, and massage accordingly to the user’s weight against the chair. Designed to simulate the massage techniques of an actual masseuse, M-5000DLX effectively lowers body fatigue, reduces stress, eases minor aches and pains, and increases blood circulation and metabolism. 5 Auto Programs: 3 Quick-Select Upper-Body Programs: Being in the forefront of technology, the M-5000DLX is programmed to scan and tailor the massage according to the user’s true acupressure points!
  1. Automatic upper body overall massage: The auto-detects feature scans and then memorizes the user’s body type and weight, auto adjusting the massage intensity and roller width accordingly, to effectively provide an accurate and completely thorough acupressure massage.

  2. Automatic neck and shoulder massage: The targeted pressure points to effectively reduce and relieve neck and shoulder aches and pains include the Fengchi, Xuishi, Jianjing, Jianchungshi, etc. Neck and shoulder aches and pains in this region are quite common especially for those who work in front of computers or with computers most the day. This auto program allows for a pinpoint treatment to those common ailments.

  3. Automatic back and waist massage: To effectively reduce and relieve lower back pains, the targeted pressure points of this program include Ganshu, Danshu, Pishi, Weishi, Pangguangshu, etc. Lower back pain is one of the most common physician visits and it is estimated that four out of five adults will experience some sort of back pain in their life. This auto program allows the M-5000DLX to address and relieve the most common symptoms associated with this area.

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2 Quick-Select Lower-Body Programs: Utilizing pressure points massage therapy through 3D AMT technology and foot reflexology system.

  1. 2 Quick-Select Lower-Body Programs: Utilizing pressure points massage therapy through 3D AMT technology and foot reflexology system.

  2. Air pressure adjustments: Multiple level adjustments can be utilized to tailor the air pressure massage in the footrest to conform to the user’s comfort level and preference.

Reflexology: Within the foot massage mechanism there are several strategically placed nodules in the foot channels. The nodules are utilized during the compression of the lower airbags causing the pressure points in the foot, reflexology pressure points, to be activated. During compression the nodules raise the arch of the foot, while stimulating the acupressure points, and the airbags gently squeeze and stretch the foot releasing tension, increasing lower body circulation, and furthering relaxation.

Massage Functions: Choose from a variety or variation of massages: tapping, rolling, kneading, or combinations of all the massage functions. In automatic program mode or manual mode, enhance your massage with the 3D air pressure and vibration feature. There are three levels of intensity for the roller massage, as well as the air pressure massage, ranging from: low, medium, and high. The Massage roller width will auto-adjust to the body type, or it can also be manually adjusted from narrow, regular, and wide.

Rolling Multi-Directional Kneading Tapping and Kneading


Manual Program:

  • Upper body: manually select different massage function and adjust the massage intensity and roller width to your preference. Choose to massage the shoulders, upper back, and lower back region, or fix the massage rollers on a particular spot. It is almost as if you have become your own masseuse!

  • Lower body: manually choose from different combinations of lower body 3D air pressure massage. Select air pressure massage combination options from: (1) calves and feet, (2) seat and feet, or (3) seat and calves. Regular massage of the lower body not only reduces aches, pains, and soreness, but it can also have a slimming effect on the legs

  • Incline/Recline: The chair-back and footrest can be lowered and raised simultaneously at the touch of a button, or the footrest can be adjusted independent of the chair-back.

    Music Feature: Integrated to provide a holistic approach to the Omega massage loungers, the M-5000DLX comes with a built-in MP3 player and also includes a set of headphones. For the same reasons a professional masseuse incorporates sounds to soothe the mind and relax the body, the M-5000DLX does so to achieve the same. When the mind and body are in sync, the level of relaxation and rejuvenation are heightened allowing for a maximized total body experience. The MP3 player is compatible with Windows 2000/XP, and it is possible to download new songs into the chair. Relax your mind and body in the M-5000DLX! Listen to your favorite MP3, adjust its volume with the remote control, and enjoy a soothing massage to drive all your stresses and worries away!

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    Dual Headrest Pillow: Our massage chairs are comfortable for all users with different spinal and back curvatures.

    210° 3D Air Pressure Foot and Leg massage function.

    Remote Control: An Illuminated LCD screen makes it easier to see and control what is happening. Open up the remote control to select more massage functions and features.