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LAVi® Venus Massage Chair

Experience an acupressure massage that you would never expect from a chair. The new LAVi Venus by POPULAR offers a complete muscle relaxing massage whose only comparison is the hands of a massage therapist. The full-length body massage chair will whisk you away from life’s daily stress and set your body free from strains. We invite you to experience it for your self and try the LAVi Venus today.

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LAVi® Venus Hi-Tech 3D Air-Roller Combination Massage Chair

Fabric: Genuine Italian Leather. High quality chairs are manufactured using real leather, not vinyl. Especially for the massage chairs, because of the built-in functions and programs with movements such as tapping, rolling, and kneading, vinyl can only last up to 2 years, but on the other hand, real leather lasts much longer. Please view our Leather Massage Chair vs. Vinyl Massage Chair comparison for more information. Leather and vinyl also differ in price. We believe leather must be the smart choice.

Leather Areas: Seat cushion, chair back cushion, head support, arm supports, arm rest top surfaces, and foot support. Please refer to the chair pictures for detail.

Available Colors:        Ivory    Brown    Black

Revive Massage: Revitalize yourself with this stimulating preset program. A short 15-minute treatment will rejuvenate the body. Revive Massage automatically activates both the backrest massage as well as the leg rest massage. It targets the pressure points on the body and massages accordingly.

Rest Time Massage: Feeling exhausted? Rest yourself with this soothing preset program that may be adjusted to a maximum of 99 minutes. A short 2-minute relaxing massage puts your body at ease and ready to sleep. Thereafter, Rest Time Massage gradually comes to a stop so that you may have some undisturbed sleep. Lastly, the program activates the massage with 2 minutes left, and gradually awakens you.

Overall Massage: This preset program is designed to give a complete overall massage of your back. You may adjust the timer from 5-30 minutes in increments of 5 minutes by repeatedly pressing the timer button on the remote control.

Partial Massage: This particular program allows you to set the massage rollers at a specific point, and then have the rollers massage you in the region that is between the selected point and 2 inches above it.

Shoulder Massage: Feeling more stressed out and tensed towards the shoulder area? Choose this program to have the massage rollers focus more on your shoulders.

Back Massage: This program focuses more on the area below your shoulders to the middle of your back. Mainly, it aims to thoroughly massage your upper back region.

Waist Massage: Waist Massage will focus more on the area below the middle of your back to your waist. Mainly, it aims to thoroughly massage your lower back region.

Fixed Massage: Choosing this option will freeze the massage rollers at the point you prefer. The type of massage, the width of the rollers, and the intensity of the massage are fully automated when you select the Auto option. Automatic Massage Functions: Overall Massage, Partial Massage, Shoulder Massage , Back Massage, Waist Massage, Fixed Massage..

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3D Calf Massage Functions: Kneading, Rolling, Air Massage.

Other Functions:
  1. 3 intensity levels of adjustment on back, calf and foot massage
  2. 3 width adjustment levels on rollers. In manual mode, rollers can be positioned freely
  3. 5 to 30 minutes timer settings with 5 minute increments
  4. Back recline and foot massager can be set to any comfortable position

Pre-Assembled Massage Chair

Remote Control