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Zero Gravity Serenity Relaxation Chair

The Serenity zero gravity recliner is beautifully designed to complement any room in your house. This is a hybrid recliner including many therapeutic features. In fact, the Serenity comes with the most features of any zero gravity recliner on the market today. The soft plush material envelopes you as you lie back into the recliner. Automatically recline back and enjoy the relief of reducing the pressure on your spine. Activate the soothing comfort of heat to provide warmth. An invigorating vibration massage comes with three programs to help loosen tight muscles. Warm down with a relaxing air compression massage to provide relief with gentle pressure. The Serenity zero gravity relaxation recliner provides style and relaxation in the comfort of your own home.

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Serenity Zero Gravity Relaxation Recliner

Zero Gravity Serenity Relaxation Recliner with MP3 Music Player

The Serenity recliner brings a striking elegance to accent any room in the home or office. The fine craftsmanship and beautiful wood chair back cover and 360 degree swivel base make this recliner a real show piece. Sink into the plush chair back and start one of the many therapeutic features of the Serenity. This recliner is smooth as silk. The Serenity is available in 3 colors making it the perfect chair for any room.

Available Colors:      White  White  Brown  Brown    Black

Key Features:

  • 3 Automatic Vibration Massage Programs
  • 4 Manual Vibration Massages
  • 3 Automatic Air Massage Programs
  • 3 Levels of Air Pressure Intensity
  • 7 Airbags ( 3 Seat, 2 Back, & 2 Neck)
  • Full Body Heaters
  • Lumbar Kneading Massage w/ 3 Speed Levels
  • MP3 Music Player with USB Stick and Headphones
  • Timed automatic massages
  • Motorized Recline/Incline of Chair Back and Leg Rest
  • Solid Wood Chair Back Cover
  • 360 Degree Solid Wood Swivel Base
  • Vibration Massage Programs: An invigorating vibration massage system is included in the Serenity zero gravity recliner. It comes complete with three automatic massage programs. The vibration programs of the Serenity relaxation chair are designed to provide penetrating relief. The eight vibration motors provide rhythmic and pulsating sensations to relieve and invigorate the body. The eight vibration motors give comprehensive coverage to the lower body. There are two for the buttocks, two for the thighs, two for the calves and two for the feet. You can also select an area of concentration for more targeted relief. Apply the penetrating vibration massage to relieve tight muscle areas.

    Air Massage System: The air massage system of the Serenity relaxation recliner has three automatic massage programs. Each program is designed for providing relief to areas of the body. The air massage system is comprised of seven airbags. There are three air bags located in the seat, two in the back and two for the neck. You may also adjust the air pressure level to three different intensities.

    Serenity Air Massage For Neck

    Full Body Heat: The Serenity zero gravity chair comes with heaters located throughout the recliner. At the touch of a button, activate the soothing comfort of heat. Feel the spread of its warmth as it begins to relieve your aching body. Heat is commonly used in sports therapy to enhance blood flow and reduce swelling.

    Lumbar Massage: This zero gravity recliner has a kneading massage for the lower back. The Serenity massage chair comes with a mechanical roller to provide a gentle kneading and rolling action to the lumbar. The intensity of the lumbar massage can be adjusted to three different levels. This helps to loosen up the lower back as you relax.

    MP3 Music Player: The Serenity zero gravity recliner has a built-in MP3 player. The MP3 player works with the included USB stick. MP3 music files can be downloaded onto the USB stick. The USB stick then plugs into the remote control. The Serenity comes with headphones to provide music for relaxation. Let your mind relax and your body will follow.

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    Chair Back & Leg Rest: The Serenity zero gravity recliner has a motorized chair back and leg rest. Simply push a button to recline the Serenity relaxing chair. The chair back in the leg rest work together. When you recline the chair back, the leg rest also will raise up. When you incline the chair back, the leg rest also will be lowered. The zero-gravity position is great for distributing the weight of your body across your back to relieve tension on the spine.

    Beautifully Crafted Wood: Solid wood chair back cover and 360° rotating solid wood swivel base.

    Serenity Backside View

    Built In Remote Control: The remote control of the Serenity recliner has a built in remote. It is seamlessly integrated with the armrest of the massage chair. LEDs make the remote simple and easy to use. Let the Serenity zero gravity recliner take you to elevated states of invigoration, tranquility and relaxation!

    Remote Control Panel